Orbbec Astra Pro Install

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Orbbec Astra Pro

Author: Michael.Chen

Date: 29/09/2018

Install relay

$ sudo apt-get install build-essential freeglut3 freeglut3-dev

Download driver



 unzip OpenNI-Linux-x64-2.3.zip   cd OpenNI-Linux-x64-2.3    


 source OpenNIDevEnvironment   cd Samples/ClosestPointViewer
$ make


 cd Bin/x64-Release   ./SimpleViewer 

I can’t get RGB image by the SDK, then i find an answer in ORBBEC FAQs

Because unlike the regular Astra, the Astra Pro basically has two devices: One

openni2 device that only has a depth stream, and one regular RGB webcam.

So to get the depth image

 source OpenNIDevEnvironment   cd Samples/ClosestPointViewer
 make   cd Bin/x64-Release
$ ./ClosestPointViewer 

To get RGB Image , Write a code by opencv.

Run Astra Pro in ROS

Install astra_camera and astra_launch

$ sudo apt-get install ros-kinect-astra-camera ros-kinect-astra-launch  

Run astra_launch

$ roslaunch astra_launch astra.launch  

Get Image with rqt or rviz

 rqt  or  rviz

Then we can get the image by topic, but without RGB.

Install libuva

 cd ~   git clone https://github.com/ktossell/libuvc
 cd libuvc   mkdir build
 cd build   cmake ..
$ make && sudo make install

install libuva_ros

 cd ~/catkin_ws/src   git clone https://github.com/ktossell/libuvc_ros
 cd ..   catkin_make 

Then run the RGB camera by rosrun

 roscore   rosrun libuvc_camera camera_node

If you see ERROR like:

[ INFO] [1538256027.054012858]: Opening camera with vendor=0x0, product=0x0, serial="", index=0
[ERROR] [1538256027.164322068]: Permission denied opening /dev/bus/usb/003/015

Change the priority of reading and writing

 sudo chmod 666 /dev/bus/usb/001/00*     sudo chown 'username' /dev/bus/usb/001/00*

Then get the iamge by topic


 $ sudo apt-get install libsfml-dev